1,395 new confirmed infections on Fri.; 102 single-day related deaths amid 5th week of lockdown


New confirmed single-day Covid-19 infections in Greece on Friday reached 1,395, and now exceed 120,000, while 583 patients with acute coronavirus symptoms remain intubated.

Nevertheless, with a nationwide partial lockdown now nearing a full five weeks, the number of related single-day fatalities again exceed the “century mark”, with 102 deaths reported over the past 24 hours – still hovering at the 6:1 ratio of ICU cases and daily deaths. The latter ratio has stubbornly remained mostly unchanged over the recent period.

The average age of intubated patients being treated in hospital ICUs remained fixed at 66, while 76.7 percent suffer from underlying conditions or are above the age of 70.

The death toll in Greece from the pandemic reached 3,472 with the average age remaining at 79, whereas 96 percent suffered from an underlying condition or were above the age of 70.


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