The Official Program of «Beyond Borders» Documentary Festival

A total of 24 documentaries will be competing at the 5th «Beyond the Borders»  International Documentary Festival, which will be held between August 23rd -30th, 2020 in Κastellorizo island, Greece.

Once again, the competitive program includes a collection of compelling films dealing with historical, cross-cultural events, trends and personalities that have shaped our countries, peoples and civilizations.

The jury of the Festival will award the following prizes: Best History Documentary, Best Socio-political Documentary, Best Short Length Documentary- all of them a kind courtesy of the Hellenic Parliament-, Best Greek Documentary, sponsored by Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki and the Special Award of Mediterranean Friendship by EKOME Media.

Please, find below the Documentaries:


Feauture-Medium Length:

  • Y1-Silence of the Deep, Philippos Vardakas, Greece, 2019, 93’
  • In my Blood it Runs, Maya Newell, Australia, 85’
  • Princes among men, Stephan Crasneanscki, France, 2017, 84’
  • Yiorgos of Kedros , Yiannis Kolozis, Greece 2020, 82’
  • Marceline, The best Clown in the World, Germán Roda, Spain, 2020, 80’
  • The Kiosk, Alexandra Pianelli , France,2020, 78’
  • Labyrinth, Dimitris Athanitis, Greece, 75’
  • Once more unto the breach, Federico Ferrone, Michele Manzolini, Italy, 2019, 70’
  • Mirador, Antón Terni, Uruguay, 70’
  • Silent Fish , Andreas Loukakos, Thodoris Chondrogiannos, Greece, 2020, 70’
  • The New Plastic Road, Angelos Tsaousis & Myrto Papadopoulos, Greece- Germany, 2019,66’
  • 1944, Fatima Osmanova, Ukraine, 2019, 62’
  • Cerro Quemado, Juan Pablo Ruiz, Angentina, 2019, 62’
  • Ο Spiros and the Circle of Death, Dimitris Kafidas and Lino Kafidas, Greece-Belgium, 2020, 56’
  • Mother Tongue, Shai Alexandroni, Israel, 2018, 56’
  • The Abode. Who are we? ,Eleonora Tukhareli, Russia, 2019, 54’
  • Lessons in Humanity, Branko Istvancic, Croatia, 2019, 53’
  • Vostok N°20, Elisabeth Silveiro, France, 2018, 49’

Short Length:

  • Then comes the evening, Maja Novaković, Serbia, 2019, 27’
  • The Expert, Carlota Coronado,Clara Roca, Spain, 2019, 23’
  • Uzzi, Ido Weisman, Israel, 2018, 21’
  • Hopeless, Zehra Yiğit, Turkey, 2020, 18’
  • Blessings and Vows, Katerina Zaharia, USA, 2018, 15’
  • The story of Yannis, Voula Germanakou-Kopsini, Germany- Greece, 2019, 14’

«Beyond Borders» is organized by the Hellenic History Foundation, in co-organization with Ecrans des Mondes (Paris) and the Society for the Restoration of Megisti, Castellorizo (Sydney), held under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad, of the Municipality of Megisti, and the Embassies of Australia, the U.S. and Israel in Athens. The main sponsors are the Hellenic Parliament, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Secretariat General for the Aegean and Island Policy, the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and EKOME Media.

For more information, please visit the Festival’s official website: or contact the Festival directly at

Click here to watch the advertising spot of the 5th “Beyond Borders” 2020 at https:, and the snapshots of last year’s edition at https:,

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